What Wonder We Held

02 Sep


There was a time ago in our youth,
when our hands were much stronger;
we had desire and need to reach
for the unattainable and elusive,
to hold the stars in our grasp,
to touch inside the human soul
in places no one else could find,
to caress the very nature of love,
and the power to remake the world.

Tho’ we were so much older then,
in holding hands, we were young;
we filled the skies with wonder,
flayed the earth beneath our feet;
holding hands was all we needed
to remake the night, and be reborn,
but love on its merit was not enough,
and mere earth could not sustain us,
so we lost our grasp, and fell away.

Now, in memory, your face appears,
and the beauty we created returns;
I am now more seasoned in my vein,
able to reach the stars with some effort,
and fill the sky with impassioned breath;
perhaps, only in memory, will it be so,
but it would be my destiny unfolded,
if I could hold your hand one more time,
that we might remake the world again.

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Posted by on September 2, 2015 in My Poetry



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