The Solace Of Reminiscence

15 Sep


There’s a certain comfort to memory,
remembering tangible traces of past,
easing my spirit to recall her as I do;
her silken hair brushing my cheek
while she melted her mouth on mine,
the gleam in her eyes, a hint of stars,
as she gazed into my soul, endlessly,
and the heat of her breath on my neck
as she buried her face into my shoulder.

There’s a kind of hush to her breathing,
the way an eagle soars silent in the sky,
as if the world stops turning just for her;
and, in effervescence, a sigh was born,
as a million soft echoes in one breath,
for, with that sigh, she began her dance,
gliding subtle waves within my grasp,
uninhibited in her desire, unyielding too,
moving in unison to clouds in the sky.

There’s a momentary sorrow in recall,
that she is but a memory in my mind,
but, with her visions, I feel her caress;
yearning of flesh as she embraced me,
the feel of her hand in mine, instinctive,
and in her eyes, the glitter of falling rain,
to her need, but a whisper from her lips,
intently, she led my caress o’er her flesh,
all that she needed was my command.

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Posted by on September 15, 2015 in My Poetry



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