Asked And Answered

03 Oct


How did I get here,
to this place, to this time?
Having travelled far
on many different paths,
sometimes led astray,
how did life come to this,
this circumstance, this age?

And when did my life
turn from boyhood to maturity,
and when did the world
first see me as I am,
or perhaps as I should be?

Incapable of regressing,
it seems only in mind
I still retain my youth.
There is this longing within
for a simpler life of ease,
yet an urgency, prominent,
to progress beyond my means;
a wantonness to remain
in my array of memories,
and savor all I’ve become,
yet proceed to the future,
to captivate my senses
with wonders I’ve yet to behold.

And where is it written
that life must be lived in stages,
when I have yet to abandon
my childhood wonder,
while amassing the wisdom
of my elder days?

In my questioning,
even of this thesis,
I find reasons well met,
and understand now why,
how I came to this place,
to this moment in time,
and where I shall go from here.

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Posted by on October 3, 2015 in My Poetry



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