Her Infirm Of Starless Days

04 Oct


She sighed, wanton of memory,
a sound like the rushing wind
o’er feathers of eagles wings;
her sigh fell away, silent then,
as I kissed her lips, compliant;
it was but a random wanting,
her remorse of cries untamed,
when less virtuous bared her;
with her eyes, she understood
the reach of my forgiveness,
tho’ yet bound by her infirmary,
a parting of her lips to breathe
was enough to call for rescue;
we sheltered away in her room,
a liaison of ardent engagement,
astride an unclad corner chair;
it was all her infirm allowed,
that unguarded moment alone,
when she was, for one moment,
the goddess she had been before,
removed now from her madness,
if only as a momentary reprieve;
in that brief moment of solace,
she gave herself to me, wholly,
more than in her days of roses,
a rush of her flesh, unhindered;
now, she mewed acquiescence,
stealing her moment to awaken
from her mind’s fitful slumber;
I saw in her eyes then a flame,
a light held too briefly before,
I kissed her, softly and slowly,
writing my devotion on her lips;
she sighed again, now in sorrow,
aware the reason she must stay,
I wiped a tear from her cheek
as I let go of her hand to leave;
the room was suddenly silent,
barren of e’en her faintest breath,
as she shrank from her goodbye;
the latch of her door behind me
clicked sharply into its metal slot,
a sound like the snapping of bone
as it’s shattered apart by a bullet;
so, I walked away from her room,
unable to look back, nor forward,
and left the infirmary of her stay,
recalling the days of her solace
when she still held stars in her eyes.


Posted by on October 4, 2015 in My Poetry



2 responses to “Her Infirm Of Starless Days

  1. Heartafire

    October 4, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    Overwhelmed by this beautiful poetry Daniel.

    Liked by 1 person


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