Take Me With You When You Breathe

29 Oct


Take me to a world
where your flesh is unbound,
and the wealth of your eyes
is the effervescent sunlight
which bathes my form
in its warm and somber gaze.

Take me to that place
in your constant undoing,
where streams of liquid ease
flow from your fingertips
to soften the rigid verve
of my unwed, innocuous form.

Take my mind with you
as yours travels to the stars,
carry my heart in your hands,
that my heavy stillness
might weigh much less
by your inherent coveting care.

Take my breath to its extreme,
where it may mingle with yours,
until the air of us is all we taste,
and the tender breezes
of our deep union sighs,
the unending melody of our days.

Take me to your world,
to be fully at your mercy,
so to find my place in you,
and there, seal my fate
with the full intentions
of your conscious fertile dreams.

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Posted by on October 29, 2015 in My Poetry



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