Echoes Of Once Virgin Youth

24 Nov


In your eyes,
there is a strain
to the gaze you reveal,
not wanting so much
to hold me in your eyes,
but rather to steal
the reflection of you
which my eyes caress,
and then to shape
your unwavering gaze
into a form of submission.

In your kiss,
a slight uneasiness,
seemingly shaken
by the quickening breath
you now impale
upon those delicate lips,
but even more so
by the tremble in your voice
when you beg for my touch,
and the delicate force
of my lips upon yours.

In your shadow,
a dance of light,
unalterably energetic
despite a clouded moon,
as if your own form,
the fire of your soul,
has then lent itself
to fill your shadow
and spill onto the floor,
giving a kind of echo
to our unified dance.

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Posted by on November 24, 2015 in My Poetry



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