Shall I Be Among The Clouds

13 Dec


With tempered and measured gaze,
I search the horizon for signs of life;
I see in the clouds a kind of desire,
which mirrors my own wantonness;
I see in the sky some distant journey,
I may find my muse waiting there;
I call out to vast and empty spaces,
“Stay not wanton, I shall sate thee!”

With a wave of my hand, gesturing,
I summon the wind to carry me forth;
“Arise, fellow winds!  I travel with you!”
and the sky spreads itself wide for me.

Here, among the clouds, I find haven,
as the comfort of a woman’s breasts;
I glide thoughts o’er the stratosphere,
‘ere, find ghosts of ancient scholars;
to their wordless directives, I submit,
thus, I become one with the clouds;
“Bid me now!” I cry out to the stars,
in response, they set my soul on fire.

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Posted by on December 13, 2015 in My Poetry



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