Sonnet VIII: Play For Me Sweetly

21 Dec


Play for me sweetly, dear minstrels, do play
some melody’s tidings, sing joyful song,
my burdens unfolded, I yearn this way,
so play me some crying of love e’er long;
stay with me now, this most pleasant abode,
sing my spirit, as it has greater light,
I shall not hear sad song, nor sorrowed ode,
only the music of love’s feathered flight;
my heart is too fragile for such disdain,
be lively with your tune, and sing with smiles,
‘ere I shall dance in bliss with each refrain,
and with treasured heart, bid all joyous wiles;
as here I wait, with gleeful grace in tow,
open to such joy your music may flow.


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