My Final Refrain

26 Dec


And pray, what angelic music
shall my heart play for you now,
as it lay in dull, disjointed ruins,
now that you have but played,
and transcribed to yourself,
the enormity of all my tunes;
you have at last consumed me,
my spirit has been decreased,
with but your eyes and ears;
now left only with this song,
I keep hidden in a sanctuary,
’tis one final melody of tears;
shall I play it again for you,
shall you hear of the sacrifice,
this foreboding last refrain;
that you may then understand,
and see by better forgiveness,
into the depth of all my pain;
do listen softly now, my love,
precarious words fall quickly,
and oft may casually astound;
harken to this echo of sorrow,
hollowed within long making
now with most graven resound.

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Posted by on December 26, 2015 in My Poetry



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