I Look Out Sane O’er Sky And Sea

21 Jan


I look out sane o’er sky and sea,
whose vastness does baffle me,
I plainly bid sky to entertain
gulls that cry their lone refrain;
I gaze away horizon’s blue mist,
and see vague reflection of this,
and wonder I, that sea and sky
have feign union to distant eye,
merging as two stalwart masses,
fooling shy lads and shyer lasses;
in echoed mirage of their meeting,
like a gentle whispered greeting
betwixt this sea and the sky afar,
‘ere sun and moon, such as they are,
bid their dissuade of tides ‘ere long;
sea sprites singing mournful song,
for loss of light, that day is wane,
and ‘ere their playful dance is vain;
in the still of these ocean wallows,
I see the sky with spatial hallows,
tho’ its vastness still baffles me,
I look out sane o’er sky and sea.

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Posted by on January 21, 2016 in My Poetry



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