Thy Gilded Wraith

28 Jan


With thy gilded wraith, I spirit thee;
cast thy undying beauty in my mind,
‘ere thy pallor may be less defined;
in dimensions beyond human stay,
‘ere thy exhumed caress does play;
with thy gilded wraith, I spirit thee.

With wildest abandon, I cherish thee;
let mountains crumble and earth quake,
as our spirits merge for passion’s sake;
let these rogue shadows dare not deny,
as they be cast upon floorboards awry;
with wildest abandon, I cherish thee.

With awakening dreams, I covet thee,
let thy peasant hopefuls be unrequited,
‘ere no mere mortal be thus delighted;
thy fame of tenderest mercies played,
in wretched ruin, thy pleasures made;
with awakening dreams, I covet thee.

With immaculate gaze, I fondle thee;
o’er sinewy curves unrivaled in form,
but to touch thy flesh to find it warm;
in throes of ardor, thy lips have stains,
thus unto my eyes, what sight remains;
with immaculate gaze, I fondle thee.

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Posted by on January 28, 2016 in My Poetry



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