The Opulence Of Words

29 Jan


The clatter of metal zippers
being pummeled wild against
the rotating barrel of the dryer
in a swirl of heated clothing
as they scuffle and grapple
the tide of laundry therein;
the echoed hum of the motor,
witnessed with ambient display,
as I try to write these words,
putting an assemblage of form
to the constant vague torrent
of merely oft trivial imagery
which supplicates my thoughts
as flashes of light or sound,
played viciously in a doldrum
of semi-conscious deferments,
only to be vented throughout
as with the hastily clad armor
which I now call this verse;
and what style of mockery
or maddening enterprise
shall these procurements
thus render in whole or part
to the untrained philosopher
who may, by some chance,
be at my beckoned display;
here and now, in wondering,
there is the sight of revelation,
though not in any triumph
of this restrained collaboration,
for it has no beginning or end,
except to surmise its creation
and better its foundling purpose;
yet, this too, is but meandering.

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Posted by on January 29, 2016 in My Poetry



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