Now Wiser, To Your Door

10 Mar


You called to me, and I came
to your house of this comfort,
perhaps unwittingly at first,
as I was but a spry, impish,
and wandering boy of youth,
thinking better of myself
than of your good nature,
or the ultimate path of destiny
which may lay waiting for me
in the offering of your hand;
had I but some stronger will,
I might have turned away
from the comfort of your door,
but gods be praised, I did not,
and did I then fully succumb
to your deepest perfection,
that light you had oft tried
to show me in lesser years,
but with your full offering now,
in the chambers of your home
‘ere your heart is laid in respite,
comes a better understanding
of the world of your making
which you had so graciously
tried to convey to me before;
now fully laid upon my life
with your defining gesture,
and to that softest doorway
where you now lead me,
have I truly found the way;
and by your generous hand,
bearing love in all its infancy,
for in its arise shall we nourish
that comfort of this union,
and build upon its foundation;
yet simply with you now,
in finest tear and deepest sigh,
do you but shed the wrongs
of what we once knew,
and with a sweeter tenderness,
cast your gaze unto mine,
and with remarkable fluency,
breath a quiet sigh my way,
and offer now your hand
as my lease to your heart,
reserved for this strict union,
denied absolute to any other;
your life is well laid out
in the reach of your hand,
offered now fully to me,
with the same warm caress
you so wantonly gave before.

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Posted by on March 10, 2016 in My Poetry



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