17 Mar


The soft cotton hem of your sundress
falls like cool water across your thighs,
slipping purposefully from your knee
with a vengeance to be then removed;
but like a stalwart guardian of chastity,
it remains, to hide your vulnerabilities;
that which you have yet to reveal to me
in planned seduction, and in your time;
tho’ with the breezes rustling asunder
the delicate drapery of a flimsy garb,
your hands hold shield o’er your lap,
as if not to tempt me, nor be tempted,
yet invite me give reason to succumb;
in the corner of my eye, peripheral sigh,
your smile bids its welcomed response,
and I am but the lone devilish rogue
who would now, in haste, seduce you;
so, without action or words from you,
as they are unneeded and unwarranted,
you play your part so well, untrained,
but at the expense of the summer sun;
a warm glow swelters o’er your thighs,
and it is the moment of our refining
when you turn your eyes to face me,
you steer in for that long-awaited kiss;
your lips surmise the whole process,
lending an ease of caress to our union,
and, thru’ you, breath is finally sated.

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Posted by on March 17, 2016 in My Poetry



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