To Her Disquieting End

29 Mar


And how like a summer rain
does her fragile heart break,
slowly and with torn precision,
it falls in shards upon her soul;
where no more does she wonder,
and no more is she in weeping,
for tears have left her long ago;
her doldrum has turned to sorrow,
borne by her needless indemnity,
fragile words she left in his lap,
the neglect of vain wanton sigh;
he had no use for her tenderness,
and she had been broken too long;
still in vague, but wanton memory,
she cries in anger, without a sound,
tho’ her sorrow now has no outlet;
in the failing of her tender grasp,
she reaches too far to find sleep,
and in the darkness of her mind,
she finds nothing but an ending,
where no trial had been before;
this silence becomes her solace,
deep in the quietus of her mind,
where words cannot be spoken,
only the sound of her breathing
is left in vestiges to remind her;
and in her most painful moment,
her mind wails with its discontent,
and with a final reach of her breath,
she falls silent, painless, evermore.

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Posted by on March 29, 2016 in My Poetry



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