Weep Not In Vain

06 Apr


Weep not in vain, my most beloved one,
for the life that has left me on this day;
bear you not sorrow without its remorse,
no tears shed, lest they be unburdened.

Cry you no more with such vain facade,
dare not grieve for the sake of display;
if you’ve true cause to weep for me now,
let your heart bear weight, as determined.

Then may you cry bitter tears at my end,
to spill my ashes o’er such hallowed earth;
that in your last cathartic wail of tears,
wash away grief from unburdened hands.

And with your death, we may meet again,
out there among stars, ‘ere love has worth;
and in my mem’ry, find me waiting there,
with roses laid across woven reed strands.

So, weep not in vain for death, my love,
for I shall vindicate ending without you;
pray not to the heavens, ‘ere no sky cares,
but sanctify mem’ry, that yet may relieve.

Weep wholly for the heart you carry still,
the remnant of me, left beating and wan;
weep for the hands you cannot hold again,
for, without love, a true reason to grieve.

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Posted by on April 6, 2016 in My Poetry



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