I Am But A Mirror

13 Jul


I am but a mirror, ‘ere standing alone;
reflections of past elude and escape me,
these vain images I see before me now,
they dare not adhere to my empty eyes;
tho’ I remain unwed to human presence,
incongruous still, ’tis my current form;
I am but made illusory, by mere design,
by this wanton reach of human hands,
by eyes which may gaze upon the new,
‘ere I find its gentle image too thrilling;
unlit by sun, am I, reflecting only spark,
that it may then ignite a fire within me,
with which e’en hands may bear weight;
I am a human heart unbred by will alone,
I seek to attain that yonder gentle touch,
the one which ‘eretofore wiped me clean,
and yet with confidence, left me whole;
I am but a mirror for this human vessel,
for whom, no earthly wind may set sail;
abide low in me, o’ countenance of wind,
that I may be so moved with your breath,
for tho’ I am but a mirror, I do yet breathe,
tho’, without reflection, have I no voice;
but now, from you, your thoughtful gaze,
let me then be a mere echo of your intent,
thrust your image to merge with my own,
and ‘ere but softly, embrace my reflection.

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Posted by on July 13, 2016 in My Poetry



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