O’, Night, Return My Eyes

14 Jan

O’, bright stars of this,
thy northern sky,
save now my gaze
upon our brother moon,
that I have wasted
my eyes in wandering;
too long and too far
removed, have I fled,
denied my gaze too oft
of your gentle light,
and ‘ere felt darkness
where none had been.

O’, time and tide,
have I been in a slumber,
that I did not mark
stars in their passing,
and could not, in waking,
notice their sorrow;
away now, shall I cast
this slumber to the winds,
that it be as but
a soft breeze upon my brow,
and ne’ermore shall find me
in such a languor.

O’, borrow not of my time,
but of my stead,
that I shall give way to
your slightest glimmer,
so ne’er in my doldrum
be without some fire;
have I afore slept
with vain and restless mind,
so now shall I lend purpose
to this speckled sky,
and for me, let not my eyes
fail their gaze again.

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Posted by on January 14, 2017 in My Poetry



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