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This Hallowed Sky

How shall I endeavor to cry,
when these tears are far too old
to wash away the tortured stain
of what was once your lips’ last kiss?

How unyielding does the moon
continue to reflect light of the sun;
the tide of which still calls to me,
long after day has left it cold and alone?

How do these strained tears
give sheen to that empty moonlight,
when all other drops of summer’s rain
merely obscure this unwedded moment?

Why must I still breathe uneasy,
when my breast has been unburdened;
’tis but the weight of this empty space,
the chasm left by your goodbye.

And in this unendurable midnight,
when e’en the stars hold no lasting sigh,
how shall I find peace in solitude,
when this hallowed sky so adheres to me?

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Let Me Sing To Sorrow

Let me sing now to Sorrow;
not with these bitter tears,
for none have yet played
their stains upon my years.

Let me sing to thee, Sorrow;
no pain has e’er yet wrung;
‘ere with my withered hands,
no harm has yet been done.

Let me sing sweetly Sorrow,
and taste its softened breath;
this sorrowed air I breathe,
has no more life than death.

Let me sing to this Sorrow,
not by stead, but by ease;
sing this sweetly to the sky,
that love shall yet appease.

Let me then sing to Sorrow
that love has yet been fair;
and with my release of song,
let Sorrow fade upon the air.

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Deeper Than Faraway Dreams Sleep I

Deeper than faraway dreams sleep I,
silent and calm ‘neath billows of nigh,
in quelled respite with breathless sigh,
while ‘ere unravelling this sea of sky.

Farther than skies do dreams ‘ere play,
vast o’er sweet meadows of sunlit day;
let my heart sing wildly, for ‘ere I stay,
not long sung, ’til love comes this way.

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My life is an unchartered sea

captured in every drop of rain.

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┬áThe Empty Rain Of Sorrow

Tho’ I may be some prey to Sorrow,
let it find me alone in the meadow;
‘ere I walk in peace, ‘gainst the wind,
‘ere I travel light to save my strength.

Let Sorrow come not in waves of discord,
lest my back be broken by its onslaught;
let it find me unwavering ‘gainst the wind,
‘ere I steady myself to its wanton desires.

Let Sorrow fall o’er me as a summer rain,
‘ere I shall stand aside to wait for the sun;
and with its passing, dry my soul of tears,
that then the sun shall erase from memory.

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Her Gaze Of Night

Beyond the crest of the moon,
‘ere the haze of reflected sun
loses its cohesion in the dark;
just outside its distant sheen,
neither warm, nor let to flame,
‘ere waiting dawn lies still;
I search in vain for an answer,
waiting not long, but sorrowed,
it seems to me to be her gaze;
like any other distant light,
unaware of my wanton remorse,
it beckons, not to me, but air,
that it may sleep ‘mid the sky;
as it waits, her gaze abides,
a stare she left in the window,
which, in memory, still shines;
or is it the haze of the moon,
soft o’er wool packed clouds,
seen thru’ her eyes with mine?

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Posted by on April 3, 2017 in My Poetry