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Less Than Idyll, But Aged

This lonely, earthen sigh,
this breath of some release
I now offer up to the stars;
it cannot live long away
too far beyond the sky,
it cannot yet burn the sun
with impassioned breath,
it cannot but then wither
‘ere among the clouds,
and must then surely fade.

Save me now this breath,
this landfall of complacency
holding me in fervent grasp;
‘ere, ‘neath summer sun,
I offer sighs into the air,
and yet no song returns,
but as faint, withered wisps,
left to bleed, ‘ere unwrought.

And ‘ere, now but drawn,
this gasped and final breath,
left to well on my tongue,
cannot escape for e’en a cry;
how bold my life once was,
yet ‘ere am I lost to age,
unable, or perhaps unwilling
to pry away, and free my life
from this grip of aching languor.

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Posted by on June 15, 2018 in My Poetry