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Her Desire Implied

And how then she did smile,
as was immediate, my gaze;
her contentment seethed,
and in her eyes, abandon,
as her smile then permeates;
with her own gaze imposed,
the spreading of her form
to revel, as much as reveal;
’twas her intent, this smile,
seductive, sublimely awash,
that her hands left her sides,
that her thighs were warm;
had she the intent to seduce,
or be it means to her design;
her smile could not be gaged,
nor breath fallen from her lips
be cooled by the mere distance
which was arrested between us;
I saw only desire, cast plainly,
as the wantonness of her smile,
and the closing space to follow,
as she moved in silent prayer
to her rightful place before me;
’twas her dance of submission,
as much as her desire implied.

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An Unflinching Respite

I am loathe, but ‘ere shorn,
like a mystic ancient river,
stilled, it flows no longer;
stifled by unwilling pride,
that with such providence,
may yet cause me to wither,
for youthful days of revel,
had been bereft or denied;
’til no weight lay upon me,
save but vague sigh in tow;
and e’en as told, this truth,
‘ere without mind, it seems,
would then reveal its course,
or run missive without show;
for t’was always this removed,
not in distance, but in dreams.

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Less Than Idyll, But Aged

This lonely, earthen sigh,
this breath of some release
I now offer up to the stars;
it cannot live long away
too far beyond the sky,
it cannot yet burn the sun
with impassioned breath,
it cannot but then wither
‘ere among the clouds,
and must then surely fade.

Save me now this breath,
this landfall of complacency
holding me in fervent grasp;
‘ere, ‘neath summer sun,
I offer sighs into the air,
and yet no song returns,
but as faint, withered wisps,
left to bleed, ‘ere unwrought.

And ‘ere, now but drawn,
this gasped and final breath,
left to well on my tongue,
cannot escape for e’en a cry;
how bold my life once was,
yet ‘ere am I lost to age,
unable, or perhaps unwilling
to pry away, and free my life
from this grip of aching languor.

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Posted by on June 15, 2018 in My Poetry


The Turn Of Your Gaze

And by the wrath of your eyes,
in some moment of weakness,
– or perhaps a keen disregard –
strayed readily from your gaze,
only to fall upon the horizon,
as tho’, in your abrupt solitude,
you glimpsed some distant flower
which had well caught your eye
far better than I had e’er achieved;
was I now the unwanted betrothal,
forsaken of you by a mere gaze,
that which fell, not on my mercy,
but the vanity of a wayward rose;
take no pity on my unsettling feign,
that it be the last breath I offer,
or cry not for my dissemination,
for your desire lies now far away;
shall I remain ‘ere in dissolution,
unable to recognize my own death,
or shall I stay among the willows,
and, in wild repose, echo their muse.

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O’, Hope! O’, Pride!

O’, Hope, had thee a heart,
‘twould enflame me now;
as would, in thy mercy,
bear my uncertainty,
for thru’ this trial of sorrow,
I must sorely then endure.

O’, Pride, flee from thy stead,
let Ease beget thy void;
‘ere this wound stains,
ne’ermore to be healed,
with Honor unbound again,
would I then have thy allure.

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Mother Earth

And how well you know her;
The sea, the sky, the moon
and the stars are her flesh;
had she breathed within you,
unseen, at any given moment,
would you feel her caress;
‘ere the stars speak to her,
reverent, delicate whispers,
and the sky calls her name;
she is sea, she is sky,
she is the Earth itself,
laid bare to every breath.

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I Hear The Stars

I hear the stars;
their fires crackling
in the distant void of space,
the screams they make
haunt the heavens as they burn.

They are dear to me;
these distant stars,
as close to my soul as breath,
like long lost friends
gathered now for my internment.

Honey sweetened air rises;
the nectar of Earth’s breath,
a gentle vesper wind
which I had ne’er before known,
now lifts my eyes to see the stars.

I hear them crying;
as if in pain, they wail,
upon the strong back of Pleiades,
they cry for their aging dilemma,
and thus, mirror my own tears.

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